Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nepal-Log: Notes from our visit #1

February 16, 2010: Nepal-Log: Notes from our visit #1
... plus: FIRST PHOTOS

We have been here in Bauniyan at the Mikey Medium English School for 1 week now and have been royally welcomed. On our first day we met the "Steering Committee" and received Hindu blessings as well as garlands of marigolds.

The students have been very excited and anxious to do well. They have had some difficulty getting used to our accent -- compared to their Nepali English teachers, but everyone is trying very hard. These children are eager learners and very well disciplined. They show up early and hang around after school. They see us in the town and want to speak English and show off to their parents. Occasionally we have been welcomed into their homes. We have a number of very poor children who are so appreciative of their chance to learn.

The supplies we brought (three 50-pound suitcases) have been a great addition to the school. Today I literally taught the children how to use crayons. There are no extra books in Nepali or English besides the ones that we brought. Everyone does have very basic English paperback texts, and textbooks in Math, Nepalese and Social Studies. We had a great celebration for Valentine's Day and our heart shaped lollipops were a real hit.

We will be working with Ujjwal and his steering committee to develop a Code of Conduct, a Mission Statement, and a School Improvement Plan, which is required as part of the government registration packet for the school. We will use some of the donated money to pay this cost when we get to Katmandu in about a week.

Thanks for all your good wishes and prayers. Barbara

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