Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mikey Medium English School: Mission Statement, Code of Student Conduct

Mikey Medium English School
Grass Roots Education Nepal

Mission Statement

We believe that all children should have the chance to learn and we will work together to make this possible.

We believe that learning English is one key to future student success.

We believe that parents, teachers and students can create a safe and respectful learning environment for all.

Code of Student Conduct

Students will Be Safe By:
- Keeping school and play area neat and tidy.
- Keeping hands and feet to self.
- Using the toilet.

Students will Be Respectful By:
- Using kind words and actions.
- Being on time.
- Being in uniform.
- Being clean and tidy.
- Following directions the first time.
- Doing homework.
- Doing their best everyday.

Parents of students in the Mikey Medium English School will help their children be ready to learn by:
- Having their children attend school daily.
- Having their children at school on time.
- Helping their children to be in their uniform.
- Helping their children to be clean and tidy.
- Being sure their children do their homework.
- Attending Parent Meetings.

Teachers at the Mikey Medium English School will be good role models by:
- Using positive language and actions.
- Participating in ongoing teacher training opportunities.
- Being at school before school begins.
- Having lesson plans prepared.
- Helping keep the school neat and tidy.

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