Saturday, December 19, 2009

How Our School Began - Ujjwal's Story

Excerpts from Ujjwal Bhat's letter's to Mike Church in the Winter of 2007

Letter 1

Dear Mikey,

I got your mail asking me about information. My parent's are uneducated. They did not get the chance to study because of their poor economic condition and lack of school. I am deeply affected about this incident. So I have decided to provide education to those children who are deprived from education. That's why I have shared my plan about schooling education with you.

1. The school would be in Bauniya Bazar... (South Western Nepal) where we have been living
since 2003.
2. In Bauniya there is electric power. It is on the Manhendra Highway. We have ground water
for drinking water. We have good communication like land line phone mobile
3. The children would be from different communities: orphan, poor, conflicted, ethnic
community, fee paying (about half)
4. The age of students would be from 4-12. We will have a maximum of 40 students in the
school. We will provide education based on Montessori education

I look forward to information from your side. Thank you Mikey. I am very much interested to work with you. There are no boundaries to happiness in my life because; on one hand, we have our future in our hands; on the other hand you are going to celebrate your conjugal life.

Be in touch. Your friend, Ujjwal

Letter 2

Dear Friend Mikey

Today I am very happy by knowing your great interest to support to establish my new school. At first I want to ensure you that the support which you are going to provide will be given those children who are really in difficulties. I promise you that I will not spend that donation for my individual profit.

Now I am going to mention my idea about the school and it's expenses. So the things and its costs are below.

The name of my school is "MIKEY ENGLISH MEDIUM BOARDING SCHOOL" Are you agree with this name?

Cost proposal:
Cost of building $3000 - including electricity, toilet, shower house, rent, hand water pump.
Salary - Five teachers at $150. per month x 12 months = $9000
3 computers - $1200
Furniture - $800
Room and Board for 16 poverty children for $300.
Uniform and supplies for 16 poverty children - $1000
Total cost $18,600
Dear Friend, the above expendures may be costly. So I am looking some ways from my side and I want you to know how much you can support and you can send the support monthly, half yearly, or annualy.

At last you can visit my place and my school. All my family members are very happy to open a school and we all convey our best regards to your family, friends and other relatives. Say my "Namaste" to your dad and mum. I want to meet them and get their blessing.

Your friend, Ujjwal

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